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Your brows will be drawn on to seal in shape and thickness.
Then, the color will be customized for your skin and hair type. After we agree upon the choices, a strong numbing agent will be applied for 30 minutes and the process will begin. If you're very sensitive to pain, you may opt to use your own numbing agent and apply it before coming to the session.

Microblading Vs. Powder Brows

Microblading gives the illusion of natural hairstroke brows. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure.

Great Candidate for Powder Brows Instead of Microblading If You:

* Have thin brows that you want to stay thin
* Have oily or combination skin
(The healed result may end up looking like a powder brow)
* Are looking for longer lasting results with minimal touchup

Powder Eyebrow price starts at $450



Eyeliner that mimics designer Kohl liner without the smudges, hassle of putting it on and taking off,
and stays put where you want it.

There are different looks and colors that can be achieved.
For example, clients with gold in their eyes can have a subtle violet eyeliner put over the black.

Full Eyeliner price starts at $500
Top or bottom lid eyeliner price starts at $375



Look like a celebrity with a glamorous beauty mole suited for your skin color.

Price starts at $200



Consult required. Scar must be at least 6 months old.

Price starts at $300 a session



Consult required.

Price starts at $400 a session.



Not everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup or tattoo removal as it'll depend on your skin type and color.

Consult required.

Price starts at $300 a session.



Micropen "Collagen Induction" Needling
Generally, after first session heals, skin looks more vibrant. After second session, the results are more visible and better.

Price is $350 a region.

Face is one region; neck is one region; stretch marks (Right side of body) is one region.


Dermaplaning Level 1
Dead skin is scraped off, skin thoroughly cleansed, a special mask applied, and skin deeply moisturized with a custom serum. The net result being your skin feels and looks like satin. Procedure is great to get once a month.

Price is $50 a session


Dermaplaning Level 2
The area is scraped using a specialized scalpel to induce collagen. After 2 weeks, the skin heals and brown spots are removed. Wrinkles are softened. This procedure is for wrinkles, sun spots, dull skin, and rough texture.

Recommended to get once every 3 months for the average skin.

For deeply wrinkled skin, once every 2 months is recommended.

Price is $300 per region