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Get to Know Maya

You may already know me as a permanent makeup artist, but I’m also a chemist specializing in skincare. I customize unique formulas for my clients to address their specific needs.

When I moved to California from North Carolina, it was an exciting and scary time as I was changing careers. I previously tutored chemistry for highschool and college students. And had a side business of creating custom dolls to look like their real-life counterparts.

I was looking forward to my life’s new chapter as a permanent makeup artist and received my license from College of The Desert in Palm Desert.

But the change in climate caused drastic, unwanted changes in my skin and hair. I seemed to age prematurely overnight. My skin was suddenly rough, dull and dry, and my hair was even worse.

Before understanding I needed stronger sun protection here than back home, my skin was subjected to damaging rays that added severe hyperpigmentation and unsightly wrinkles to the problems I already faced.

Realizing the personal care regimen I had used before was now inadequate, I went from one new product to another in search of the holy grail to combat each of these issues.

Unfortunately, many of the alternatives were full of unpronounceable chemicals and only served to irritate my delicate skin even further, while so-called “natural” formulations were simply ineffective. Nothing worked, and needless to say, this was very depressing!

Frustration and desperation led me to fall back on my “mad-scientist” mindset. I knew I had the knowledge, expertise, and training to create customized serums that would address my particular issues, rather than depending on mass-produced products with generic benefits. And after a little trial and error, I found my solution.

Working with fruit extracts and oils, vitamins, and other natural compounds, I developed skincare formulas and restorative hair serums to confront my challenges.

Day by day, my skin tone evened out and my hair returned to its former luster. Wrinkles were smoothed, fine lines seemed to disappear, my eyelashes grew longer and thicker.

So when my colleagues in the beauty industry noticed the improvement in my looks and wanted to buy my products to use for themselves and their clients, Natural Skincare Alternatives was born.

My formulations address specific concerns and are then adapted to overcome each client’s personal skin and/or hair care challenges. All are completely natural and cruelty-free, and most are vegan, too, unless otherwise specified.

My goal is to tackle the cosmetic issues that are causing you embarrassment and sadness. I know all too well how distressing it is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Through natural looking permanent cosmetics and custom skincare, my mission is to help you love your natural beauty that is like no other!


All permanent makeup services include one touchup within a year
(Post Procedure).
Additional touchups are an additional charge.
I only use pigments made in The USA and are from quality brands.

Eyebrows frame the face and bring all the features into symmetry. There's no need to worry about hard, bold lines that look unnatural because only the top-of-the line pigments are custom blended to suit your face and skin.


The first feature most people see on the face are your eyes. Look permanently revitalized and bring out their natural beauty with eyeliner or a subtle effect of lash enhancement.

$550 (Full); $450 Top or bottom


Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson, and Elizabeth Taylor.
The beauty mark has been a sign of sophistication for decades. Look like a glamorous beauty with a beauty mark on your face or body.

The region that you want the beauty mark on (Upper lip, cheek, jawline) is sketched on the skin first so the size and shape is agreed upon. Then, the color is chosen based on skin tone.

Pricing starts at $250


If you have a scar that is at least 6 months old from a tummy tuck, accident, or surgery that makes you feel uneasy, scar camouflaging will help you gain back confidence.

The first step is to make sure the scar is flat, so planing may be necessary to flatten the scar first and induce collagen synthesis. Then, once the scar is flat, camouflage sessions can begin with the most natural looking pigments.

It will depend on the skin tone and type if you will be a good candidate. If you're not a good candidate, an alternative are my vegan, natural, personalized custom skin serums (Have a link here to my skin serum page).

Pricing starts at $400 a session.


If you had a mastectomy and would like to have your areola restored, my state-of-the-art pigments will mimic your natural color.


If you had work done in the past and are dissatisfied with the shape or color, my non-laser technique can help.




Healed Results:

Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Salon Address

Permanent Makeup by Maya
Karl Vasquez Salon & Spa, 73993 Hwy-111, Palm Desert, CA, 92260


Email: MAYA 
Call/Text: 760-459-4434


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